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DBM: ffdshow overtakes DBM audio handling - K-Lite Codec Pack

We have seen a strange dialog box during audio conversions in DBM. After analyzing this dialog box it seems like the product "K-Lite Codec Pack" tries to overtake audio operations which are normally handled internally in our system. We cannot accept that the audio operations are overtaken by 3rd party software which hacks into our internal communication. Therefore we please all customers being careful using our products together with such tools. We do not know the results of this hack. Even if there is an option to not use ffdshow in past we cannot guarantee that the timing between our software modules is affected badly. If you see such dialog box please remove the software or reinstall the PCs without this piece of software:


"The application 'DBM.exe' has made an attempt to load ffdshow.

This dialog is shown because this application is not listed in the ffdshow whitelist or blacklist.

Your choise will be applied to both audio and video, if both are used.

  - Don't use ffdshow. (Just this once) - Don't use ffdshow. (always)

 - Use ffdshow. (just this once)

 - Use ffdshow. (always)


 Explanation ffdshow won't be used in unknown applications.

To enable this dialog again, check "DirectShow control" -> "Show dialog when an unknown application tries to load ffdshow".

 Don't ask me again.


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