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DBM: MSXML4 not found on Windows 7 during DBM startup

Note: This is partly taken from the original post of Chris Bauer, taken from After installation of DBM 4.x on a PC running Windows 7 x64 a message box is shown when starting DBM. This occurs if a user account is used which has less rights than a local Administrator. Content of message box: DBM: "Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 (MSXML4) could not be found. Some features like printing and custom XML masks will not be available. In order to make these features available, you should install MSXML4 (msxml.msi) which can be downloaded from" On some computers executing the MSXML4 SP3 setup again fixed the problem. The setup will not detect an existing setup and install everything correctly. On some computers this is still not enough. In such cases you need to open a command line (CMD) but it must be started with administration rights. For x64: cacls c:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml4.dll /e /g <User>:R cacls c:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml4r.dll /e /g <User>:R For x86: cacls c:\Windows\System32\msxml4.dll /e /g <User>:R cacls c:\Windows\System32\msxml4r.dll /e /g <User>:R Please replace <User> with the name of your user account. Also domain users can be entered. Afterwards the problem should be fixed. The Microsoft XML Parser 4.0 Service Pack 3 can be downloaded from here:

We have seen same problems on some computers running Windows XP. The installer for MSXML4 does not apply rights for users. This results in error messages during startup of DBM 4 (Release 2010.2). To solve the problem both script lines must be executed on every workstation. You can apply the rights for a user group. We would recommend that you put all journalists into one group of your domain, e.g. Domain = DigaDomain, User group = DigaUsers cacls c:\Windows\System32\msxml4.dll /e /g DigaDomain\DigaUsers:R cacls c:\Windows\System32\msxml4r.dll /e /g DigaDomain\DigaUsers:R You must run these command lines with administration rights on the workstation.
How to enable LinkIn fiel inDBM 4.1

 The Release 2010.1 includes DBM version 4.1. This version allows editing of the Link-In value using the CrossfadeMixer_3.ocx To enable saving of the value of a Link-In a newer version of our DigaSystem database is required. Overview of database versions: v1: Initial version of SQL / MS Access database with standard database fields, DBM 2.x v2: Internal only v3: Support for custom fields in format XYZ/abc starting with DBM 3.0 v4: Support for collection elements, since DBM 4.0 v5: Extended database fields, since DBM 4.1 Updating the database version is done inside the DigAdmin tool. Choose and connect to ODBC\ <DSN-Name> and press the right mouse button on <DSN-Name>. Select "Convert database" Conversion can always be done to a newer version. Down conversion is possible by pressing and holding CTRL + Shift by selecting "Convert database" but this will create a v1 database and you would loose all custom fields. By selecting "Convert database" you can choose the version you want to get. For support of the Link-In field you would need to select database version 5. Hint: You would need to upgrade and use DigaSQL.dll ( and Admin.exe (3.5.4418.0)! The conversion handles all tables of the selected database. This will take a while depending on the size of your database. It is strongly recommended to create a backup before executing the conversion process. The database remains available during the conversion process. Finally you can restart DBM 4.1 (4.1.7034.0 or newer) and access a music table. We recommend using CrossfadeMixer_3.ocx build 64 or newer. DBM should now show the Link-in field on Music-2 tab. Pressing the "Edit" key will show the CFM with enabled Link-In marker.
Font color for list view of DBM

 There are two ways using colors for the list view in DBM. a) Displaying the state like Existing, Virtual, Recording, etc. The colors are configured in the settings menu of DBM. DBM \ ShowColorsForMediaType = FALSE b) Displaying different colors for text, audio and combined elements. This is done by the following parameters: DBM \ ShowColorsForMediaType = TRUE DBM \ AudioColor = R,G,B DBM \ AudioTextColor = R,G,B DBM \ TextColor = R,G,B The classes can be identified by the class icon. Only the BCS system has the possibility to use colors based on the classes.

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