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DBM: Printing function will open MS Word instead of printer

Q: After selecting some elements inside my table I pressed the Printer Icon to print the list of elements. The preview window displays the result but after executing the print command Microsoft Word is starting, a XML file is sent to the new Word document and finaly it is printed to the default printer without any user action. I already checked my default printer and it is correctly set to my network printer. Everything seems to be OK.

A: This will happen if the file extension ".html" has a print option which is not the default option. Please open your Windows Control Panel and select the "Tools" menu to open the "Folder Options". Select the tab "File Types" and search for HTML. Select this extension and press the "Advanced" button. Inside the "Actions" window you will find a "print" entry. Please select it and press the "Edit..." button. Please insert the following content: Action: print Application used to perform action: rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\mshtml.dll,PrintHTML "%1" Use DDE: TRUE DDE Message: <empty> Application: mshtml DDE Application Not running: <empty> Topic: System Press OK to save.

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