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DigaBurn: Converting error with DigaBurn, Nero 6.6 & XP (OLD)

Please Note: This posting is largely irrelevant since the release of DigaBurn v2 which does not require an installation of Nero.

Installation of Nero Burning Rom version 6.6 also installs a new version of Ahead's library file "AudioPluginMgr.dll" (v2.0.1.1 from October 5th, 2004) usually found in the Path: [Program Files] Ahead\Nero\.
This DLL has apparently changed the handling of Nero's conversion process for WMA and triggers the Nero interface error message when attempting to burn a CD;

"Error: BurnCD() : burn failedThe selected WMA file(s) are protected
and cannot be processed. (YOUR TEMP DIRECTORY FOR DIGABURN)"

This does not have to involve a WMA file! It appears also with other formats.
Workaround: We have found that replacing this DLL with one from the earlier Nero 6.3 install will solve the problem (although this DLL from July 27th, 2004 carries the same version number This previous DLL version is available on our FTP Mailbox (DigaBurn\Misc\

In the meantime, we recommend using the Nero version that your DigaBurn was delivered with and NOT updating.
This phenomena can also be recreated within Nero and appears when one attempts to drag&drop a Musifile into a Nero Audio CD compilation;


"Nero Burning ROM: Microsoft's license does not allow transcoding of WMA files into any other format"
NOTE: There are indeed some WMA files that are protected - that is, they can not be converted and therefore cannot be burned with DigaBurn!

This problem has apparently been corrected by Ahead (the Nero developer) in the version! 

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