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DigaBurn: DigaBurn drive compatibility list (enter your burner!)

We are sometimes asked which CD burning drive one should use for DigaBurn (or, as is often the case today; which DVD burner, that's also capable of burning CD's).

Basically any drive that works with Ahead's Nero burning program should work as well with DigaBurn. There are of course some issues you may experience that can hinder the functionality of DigaBurn that are covered in other topics in the DigaBurn Forum.
Due to the large volume of drives on the market, DAVID is unable to test each and every model with our software. When we test a drive that is compatible, we'll place it on our list here. We'd also like to take this opportunity to ask you to tell us which drive you're using with DigaBurn - this way we'll slowly build a list of drives that are known to work!

Thanks for your help!

Manufacturer            Model                  Interface

Ricoh                   MP5240                 IDE
LG                      GSA-H31L               SATA
LG/NEC?                 GMA-4082N              IDE? (Notebook)
LG                      GSA-4163B              IDE?

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