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DigaBurn: Printing problem in DigaBurn after IE8 installation

 Additional to the reported displaying problems of DBM's user masks customers also reported that DigaBurn is no longer able to print after installation of Internet Explorer 8 while having an old Digigram np driver installed. There is no need to have a PCX or VX card installed. The problem comes from the drivers in conjunction with Internet Explorer 8.

Therefore it is necessary to add another parameter to the VPCX.ini file to fix this problem.

- INIFILE entry indicate Virtual PCX configuration file location.
- Open VPCX.ini file.
- In [VPcxCore] section, add entry DoNotInitCom=DigaBurn;dbm

Please contact support if you are experiencing this problem and need further assistance!

1. No way to select the XSL Stylesheets from dropdown list inside the print preview
2. Metadata of elements are not shown in print preview
3. Printing fails

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