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DigaBurn: What does "Cannot Connect TRF" mean?

A few customers using DigaBurn under Windows NT have reported seeing this error:

(BurnCD() : burn failedError:\nCannot connect TRF)

According to numerous forum entries we've found, this is apparently generated by the NeroAPI when there is a possibly corrupted newtrf.dll file.
By most accounts this seems only to occur under NT. We have not been able to reproduce the phenomena here, so we can only suggest solutions we have read by other Nero users. The users report that one should always first try a reboot. If the issue still occurs, sometimes a full de-install and then re-install of Nero remedies the problem.
Please note that D.A.V.I.D. suggests Windows 2000 or XP for DigaBurn and that if NT must be used; there is a limitation to Nero's support! Windows NT is not supported in Ahead Nero versions after .
Remember that DigaBurn requires at least version 5.5!

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