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DigaBurn: Why can't I burn CD's with DigaBurn?

Question: Why can't I burn a CD using DigaBurn?
Answer: Most often this is caused when you are logged on as User without Admin rights. The program is unable to locate the CD drive due to the fact that normal users are restricted in their access to low level driver functions. This is actually a restriction of the underlying Nero process. There is a patch available from AHEAD - the developers of Nero CD burning software, that will alleviate this problem. You can download it below.

Additionally, we have had user reports of problems with the selection of the burner drive in the burn dialog (apparently there is no available drive to choose, and therefore one cannot continue with the burn process), seemingly only occurring when DigaBurn has been opened with the icon in DBM.
This phenomenon has been seen on a computer where a Nero update had occurred.
If you experience this problem, we suggest de-installing Nero and installing a full version installation.

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