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DigaBurn: Windows XP Security Patches & Service Pack 2

To all WinXP DigaBurn Users,
It has come to our attention that recent MS XP Security Patches (KB823353,KB839645,KB840315,KB870669) can cause problems for the Nero interface (NeroAPI).
This is also expected to be a concern for XP Service Pack 2 and has been addressed by AHEAD in their current version.
Users of DigaBurn under Windows XP that have installed these updates must update their Nero installation!

Nero Burning ROM 6.3.1.x Update is available for download here:

We also recommend updating DigaBurn.
The Release Candidate is available on our FTP Server in the directory DigaBurn\RC_1.0.0.32 .
Please Note: Although no problems are anticipated, this version has not yet been fully tested with XP Service Pack 2!

Please contact DAVID Support if you should have any questions.


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