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DigaClipPlayer: Playback of AVC-Intra with DigaClipPlayer

Since build DigaClipPlayer 2.0 HD is able playing AVC-Intra files with up to 100 MBit/s.

When playing files directly from a network storage a fast network connection for the client PC is required. 1 GBit/s is recommended. Additional the CPU power for the video workstation is important. AVC-Intra is officially supported starting with HP Z600 workstations. Slower PCs cannot be used.
The HP Z600 workstation must be equipped with BIOS version 03.15 or higher.
When using DVS Centaurus II PCIe card for SDI playout the card must be installed at least in a PCIe x8 slot. DVS SDK version must be used.
The firmware must be updated for both Centaurus II and Centaurus II LE:
Centaurus II: lucyup_3.2.76.6_19_15.exe Centaurus II LT: lucyltup_4.2_68.11_13_12.exe

For DigaClipPlayer the following files are required:
DigaClipPlayerV2.exe MultiRec_3_1.ocx MainConcept Codec package 8.5.1 (OpenCube and MOG Codecs are no longer required!) From C:\DVS\win32\bin the file dvsoem.dll must be copied to the application folder of DigaClipPlayer.
The .ocx file must be registered. Please note that running a 64 Bit Operating System Regsvr32 must be called from SysWoW64 folder.
To enable MainConcept Codecs a parameter must be set:
Local Settings \ DigaClipPlayer \ Settings : MultiRecMainConceptPath = %DigasDir%\MultiRec_3\MainConceptLib
To activate playback of AVC-Intra a parameter must be set for DigaClipPlayer:
Local Settings \ DigaClipPlayer \ Settings : MultiRecVideoBoardOutColorMode = YUV422_16
When using a DVS card the card must be displayed in the title of the application window as output card. This can be set from the options menu > settings > MultiRec Settings > Select Output Videoboard 
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