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DigaClipPlayer: Requirements for using DigaClipPlayer (HD)

If you are going to do a new setup of DigaClipPlayer there are some steps which must be done in preface.

1. New Actions object

DigaClipPlayer requires a new Actions object to be able storing the parameters. Please use Admin tool to create this object below actions: DigaClipPlayer_Admin
This object is mandatory!

2. Create sub folders for DigaClipPlayer



3. Copy video codecs

Inside the DigaSystem folder a subfolder must be created called MultiRec_3. This subfolder will contain the codecs from MainConcept, MOG and OpenCube

If you are working with MXF you need to import a Registry file which will be delivered together with the codecs.

The paths for these video codecs are stored in our parameter files, e.g.

Local Settings \ DigaClipPlayer \ Settings :

MultiRecMainConceptPath = C:\DigaSystem\MultiRec_3\MainConcept_8_5_0
MultiRecMOGSDKPath = C:\DigaSystem\MultiRec_3\MOG\SDK
MultiRecOpenCubeSDKPath = C:\DigaSystem\MultiRec_3\OpenCube
MultiRecVideoBoardOutColorMode = YUV422

4. Copy dvsoem.dll (optional)

If you are using the DVS Centaurus II or DVS Centaurus II LT please be sure that you have installed the latest drivers and firmware. You will find a DLL inside the driver package called dvsoem.dll. This DLL must be copied to the application folder of DigaClipPlayer or to a folder which is included in PATH variable like C:\Windows\System32

The file can be found here: C:\DVS\Centaurus II\sdk3.4.0.4\win32\bin

If this file is not visible for DigaClipPlayer the application won't show the video board.

5. Copy files and register OCX

Copy DigaClipPlayerV2.exe and MultiRec_3_1.ocx to your DigaSystem folder.
Register MultiRec_3_1.ocx using Regsvr32

6. Enable DigaClipPlayer in DBM

Local Settings \ Programs : DigaClipPlayer.exe = %DigaSystemDir%\DigaClipPlayerV2.exe /prof

7. Disable scene detection

By default the scene detection is enabled in DigaClipPlayer. This can cause delays after loading a file. Therefore it can be disabled:

Local Settings \ DigaClipPlayer \ Settings : MultiRecAutoAnalyseActive = 0 (String)

8. AutoLogin

To allow auto login by starting DigaClipPlayerV2.exe directly you will need the following parameter:

Local Settings \ DigaClipPlayer \ AutoLogin : User = USER (or any other DigaSystem user account, e.g. ARCHIV)

9. Screen layout

To save the screen layout you need to set a flag inside the settings dialog.

Options > Settings > Global 2: save layout

10. Audio output

If you are using a DVS card you can configure DigaClipPlayer to use 8 output channels.

Local Settings \ DigaClipPlayer \ Settings : AudioPlaybackChannels = 8 (String)
Local Settings \ DigaClipPlayer \ Settings : AudioWorkingChannels = 8 (String)

Please note:

DigaClipPlayerV2.exe will replace DigaClipPlayerV5.exe. V5 was the initial version without HD support.
The attached parameter file is just an example and should be modified on your needs.
DigaClipPlayer example parameters
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