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DigaGrabber: cutting off the ends of audio items

 Q: Why does DigaGrabber cut some starts & some ends too early, of the songs we are ripping from CD? Digagrabber is not copying the whole track from the CD. I have compared with Audiograbber, where the total length of the song for example is 3:53 instead of Digagrabber's 3:50. The problems are with both commercial CD´s and homeburnt CD´s.
I´ve tried to set the cut-level-begin & cut-level-end in different values, but nothing happens.

A: It's possible that DigaGrabber will chop off the end of an audio item that has been grabbed so that perhaps up to some seconds of the end of the piece are missing.

This can be avoided by setting the parameter:

Enable EndCue:
When set to FALSE, the item will not be automatically trimmed at the end. 

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