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DigaGrabber: How do I get CDDB Info (Album,Title,Artist,...)?

Question: I can't seem to get the CDDB info for my CD into DigaGrabber. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Firstly, you must be using an original audio CD; burned copies may present problems.
Secondly, you will need an online connection to a CDDB Server. Make sure that your DigaGrabber is configured with the following parameters:
Use CDDB Support needs to be set to 'TRUE'.
CDDB Server must be a valid address for a CD DataBase server. (Note: since October 2006, the correct address for FREEDB must be entered as; !)
If your internet access is over a proxy server, these parameters must be properly set (consult your Admin if in doubt).

If you 'Refresh' a CD while offline you will get a list of the tracks simply as numbers because the CDDB info is not available. When you are again online this blank information may be retained so it appears that there is no CDDB info for this CD. DigaGrabber has written an XML file to your Data Directory where this blank information is being stored. Erase this XML or delete the information for this CD by clicking on the Archive button and deleting that file which shows no title (be sure to uncheck the "delete only audio files" box). Then try 'Refresh' again.

If there are accessibility problems with, it is also possible to connect to ''! But please be aware that the delivered meta may not be as complete as freedb (Album Title, Artist and Year are not returned).

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