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DigaGrabber: 'Maybe Disk Full' error when disc not full!?

 Question: I'm getting an error message that says 'maybe disc full' when I have plenty of available space on my hard drive. DigaGrabber seems to grab one file and then I get the error message and have to restart the program in order to grab again, but then the same thing happens.. What's going on?

Answer: There are some CD drives (particularly older ones) which are incapable of reading the ISRC Code from the CD. When the parameter 'ScanISRCCode' is set to TRUE then DigaGrabber has an exception that it believes might be lack of space for saving data.
Setting ScanISRCCode=FALSE should solve the problem.

UPDATE: With our Version we've changed the error message: "Error during Grab process - Reading CD-Data"

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