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DigAlign + FilesDI.dll - No more alignments, just error -300

Q: We are using DigAlign and FilesDI.dll for database alignment between DigaSystem and MusicMaster. This alignment task worked stable over months but now it just bring a message that table B is locked by another application ("unknown"). Error number = -300

A: This error message means that the folder used for DigAlign is locked. DigAlign is using a text file for locking the folder during a running alignment. If you look inside the folder specified for table B you will see a file called Locking.txt.

It seems that this file was not removed after the last run of the alignment.

To continue the alignment you need to remove this file by just deleting it.

Please send the log files of the last alignment and the version numbers of DigaSQL.dll and DigAlign.exe to our support department.

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