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DigAlign + FilesDI.dll should copy to a different folder

Q: Our workflow with DigAlign and FilesDI.dll is working fine. Unfortunately our 3rd party product is not able to read from the command directory directly. Is there any way to configure a different folder?
Additional information: The final destination will also be used for as run logs parallel to the database alignment.

A: DigAlign + FilesDI.dll can use a different folder for command files. To specify this folder you need an additional FilesDI.ini inside the target folder which is selected as destionation table in DigAlign.

Here you place the destination of the command files:
[Options] CommandDirectory=D:\Projects\Export

The same can be done with the update directory (if needed).
[Options] UpdateDirectory=D:\Projects\Updates
Important: The main FilesDI.ini must not contain these parameters! Only the table based FilesDI.ini must contain the paths. In best case there is only one FilesDI.ini which is located inside the "table B folder" of this alignment.

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