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DigAlign + FilesDI.dll: Writing MOS ID at destination

In some MOS based workflows it is required to inform 3rd party products not only about metadata and the unique MusicID of DigaSystem elements. In such workflows 3rd party systems need to get informed about the MOS ID of elements.
This is helpful if there is a database alignment between DigaSystem and any 3rd party system while the 3rd party system needs to transport the MOS IDs to other systems later.

In DigaSystem the MOS ID is created from the internal database name, the technical table name and the hex value of the reference number of the element.
Therefore FilesDI.dll was extended to be able sending the MOS ID to "table B" and to the command folder whenever a new element was inserted in DigaSystem.
FilesDI.dll comes with a new feature which must be configured in FilesDI.ini to write MOS IDs.




This will result in the following output in DBX files:



  < MOSID>MyDigaSystemDatabase\MyTable:00001AF8</MOSID>

  < /MOS>

The 3rd party system needs to read this and store it in its metadata.
Please note that the 3rd party system must support sub tags in XML! The syntax of the ObjectIdField must always refer to a custom field like ABC/ID

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