Until end of the year 2007 it was possible to use common passwords for connecting to FTP servers. Due to a security update released by Microsoft it is impossible to use the special character '#' inside the connection string to the FTP server.

If you are using such character inside your password you will receive error messages trying to use it in Internet Explorer 7 or DigAlign:
DigAlign: Cannot initialize interface DLL (parameter ftp://Username:PasswordContaining#Character@IP-Address/;C:\DigaSystem) for table #2! (error number -100: “Cannot connect to FTP server (error #12007 (0x0002EE7): “The server name or address could not be resolved”)”)
Internet Explorer: Address Bar: Windows cannot find ftp://Username:PasswordContaining#Character@IP-Address. Check the spelling and try again.

The problem seems to be located in a changed handling of special characters. In early versions of Internet Explorer the translation of those characters was done automatically. Now you have to translate the character to its ASCII value. For the character '#' it means you have to enter a '%23'.
If you are required to use such characters please translate them inside the connection string: ftp://Username:PasswordWithTranslated%23Character;C:\DigaSystem