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DigAlign V and video templates

DigAlignV.exe comes with support for the video conversion library (DigaAVCvtLib).

As the video conversion library can be run with our without DigaSystem environment (parameter files) there is an option in general settings of DigAlignV.

It is important to set this checkbox correct for all profiles of DigAlignV. There was a problem reloading the settings of video conversion library which will be fixed with DigAlignV.exe or later. With older versions the settings of the first started profile will be taken.

Therefore we strongly recommend to set the option if you are working inside a DigaSystem environment:

General Settings : Use video converter templates from DigaSQL registry (default: NO, reommend: YES)

There are two ways in DigAlignV working with video: DigaAVCvtLib or MultiRec_3.ocx (plus MOG MXF setup). For MultiRec_3.ocx you need to configure paths. For the video conversion library it's enough installing the setup of DigaAVCvtLib.

If you start DigAlign or a DigAlign profile for the very first time a text file is generated inside the DigaSystem folder:

< hostname>-<profilename>-GeneralSettings-VideoConversionLibrarySettings.DigAlign-Parameter.txt

If the checkbox mentioned above is not set this file will contain all video templates. To be up to date after installing or creating new video templates you need to delete the file while DigAlign is closed.

In general if you are working with the checkbox the file will remain small (2 bytes). In this case the video templates will be read from Global Settings \ VideoTemplates \ Encoding \ ...

We recommend to pay attention to the file size in case you are working with a DigaSystem environment.

You can check this by opening a table alignment, go to tab "Audio / Video Format" and open the button "Videoformat in table B". The configuration dialog of the video templates must be disabled there.

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