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DigaMOSControl: Calling DBM out of DigaMosControl.dll needs to register DBM

There is a feature to open the audio you are prelistening in NRCS (e.g. OpenMedia) in DBM. This feature can be used to execute additional functions for this audio which are not available inside the NRCS. When DBM is installed on the same PC a button will be present inside the GUI of DigaMosControl.dll

When clicking on this button an error message could occure which looks like this:
System.ServiceModel.FaultException: Die COM-Klassenfactory für die Komponente mit CLSID {9BBEF959-EA98-11D3-8BC3-00A0C9CA04BF} konnte aufgrund des folgenden Fehlers nicht abgerufen werden:

This can happen when DBM was installed without using its Setup. The DBM Setup registers the application which won't happen when just copying DBM.exe to a PC. For most workflows DBM.exe will work without registration but in this special workflow a registration is mandatory.
To do it you need to open a PowerShell with administrative rights. You need to navigate to the folder where DBM is installed.

cdcd '.\Program Files (x86)'
cd DigaSystem
.\DBM.exe /register

This will write all required information into Windows Registry (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DIGASDBM*, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\DIGASDBM*, etc.)
Afterwards DBM can be called from DigaMosControl.dll 

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