Q: We need to scan a watched folder with DigaPorter. There are audio files located inside the folder which should be imported in a standard format which means that they must be converted during the import process. The source files should be deleted afterwards.

 We tried this but the DBM always shows the original file format instead of the converted file format.

 A: This could happen if you don't select the checkbox "Do not add this file". In such case both files are added, the converted file and the original file. You will see this in the medium tab.

 For your workflow the following checkboxes should be checked in the control tab:

 Filename ends with: .wav

 Naming rule: <NAME>.<EXT>

 Media type: Audio

 - Delete source file

 - Primary file ( = result of quality #1 conversion)

 - Don't add source to destination

 - Convert to quality #1 and add

 You will need to have a Audio32.dll to perform the conversion.