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DigaPorter: LoRes generation of audio or video to database

If you are planning to import HiRes files from a watched folder it is sometimes a good idea creating the LoRes files during the import process.

 DigaPorter is able to do this in one step.

 To fulfill all requirements of DigaSystem it is important to configure DigaPorter in a right way.

 For example: If you've got a watched folder which only contains media files like MPEG video then your configuration must look like this:

 In control section you need to create a file based control. Each job will be based on one single file.

 For this file you need to create the rules by pressing the 'new' icon.

 1. Select an extension like '.mpeg'

 2. Set a naming rule

 3. Set media type to 'Video'

 4. Mark the following check boxes:

 - Delete source file (the file in watched folder will be deleted after the import)

 - File is primary file

 - File is secondary file (= LoRes copy, the format will be specified in converter section)

 - Do not add this file

 - Convert file to quality #1 and add

 - Convert file to quality #2 and add

 The converter needs to be configured based on the used video library. Both quality tabs need to be configured. Quality #1 is the quality of the HiRes version. If you want to keep the original file you can set No conversion.

 Pay attention on the naming rule for both qualities. Each file must get an unique filename. Example: <CGUID>.<EXT>

 Example: If your HiRes file has extension .mpeg your LoRes MPEG-1 file should get the extension .mpg by using the identical naming rule. 

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