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DigaPorter: Reading the embedded metadata from WAV files

Some audio files come with embedded metadata which are stored inside the header of the file.

With DigaPorter it is possible to read and import those metadate fields to the DigaSystem database. You would need an Audio32.dll file inside the program folder of DigaPorter.

For mapping fields to database fields a file called EmbeddedMetadataParser.mapping must be created and stored inside the program folder of DigaPorter.

With this file every field can be mapped to one (!) database field.

Inside the settings of DigaPorter the Metadata needs to be configured to Embedded metadata = Default parser for embedded metadata

If you don't know the embedded fields please provide one file to DAVID Systems. We can do an analysis for you.

In some cases the field name "Description" will be handled as "TITLE".

< ?xml version="1.0" ?>



< MAPPING FROM="Originator" TO="AUTHOR" />

< MAPPING FROM="OriginatorReference" TO="REMARK" />

< MAPPING FROM="OriginationDate" TO="CREATEDATE" />

< MAPPING FROM="OriginationTime" TO="CREATETIME" />


Custom strings are supported, e.g. <MAPPING FROM="TITLE" TO="SFX/TITLE1" />

The strings will be limited to the allowed length of the database fields.

In case of doing additional transformations a Metadata script can be used.

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