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DigaPorter: running on a 64 bit operating system

In general all .NET applications are able to run in a 64 bit environment but if these applications need to work with e.g. DLLs which are designed to be 32 bit you will run into a problem because the 64 bit .NET application cannot access the 32 bit DLL.

A good example is DigaPorter but in general all SAF applications are handled in the same way.

The SAF server and the SAF administrator need to access e.g. DigaSQL.dll which is a 32 bit DLL.

Microsoft offers a conversion tool called CorFlags.exe which is used to patch the necessary .NET files running as a 32 bit task.

You should find this file inside the Microsoft .NET folder. If you don't find this file you can download a SDK setup from Microsoft which contains the file. Please be sure that you installed .NET framework on your 64 bit operating system before!

You need to run the tool from command line for

- SAF20Administration.exe

- SAF20Server.exe

Please use the following syntax for patching the files:

CorFlags.exe application.exe /32bit+ /Force

This will patch the files to run as 32 bit task!

After executing these commands it will be possible launching the SAF server and SAF administrator. Now you can work as expected.

Thanks to our QA department for their analysis and support!

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