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DigaPorter: Video Conversion Library – How To

Q: We want to use DigaPorter for a special MXF workflow. After installing the Video Conversion Library DigaPorter does not detect the library. There is an error message: 'DLL (DigaAVCvtLib) could not be loaded'.

A: After running the setup of the Video Conversion Library you need to add the setup path to the system variables and restart your PC.

1. Run setup 'InstallDigaAVCvtLibXXX.exe'
2. Select destination for the setup: C:\DigaSystem\DigaAVCvtLib
3. Finish the setup
4. Open Start \ Control Panel \ System
5. Go to 'Advanced' tab
6. Click the button 'Environment variables'
7. Select PATH from the lower window and press 'Edit'
8. Scroll up to the end of the line and add the setup path starting with semicola ;C:\DigaSystem\DigaAVCvtLib
9. Press OK
10. Restart the computer

After restarting your SAF Admin should display the settings from the assigned video template (Global Settings \ VideoTemplates \ Encoding \ ...) instead of the error message.

That's it.

Please note that you need to run the Template Editor which is located inside the folder of Video Conversion Library to generate the templates. You need to run it with ADMIN account. Please press the SAVE button to generate templates inside your parameter files.

In case of major updates of Video Conversion Library it is useful re-using the Template Editor to update the templates.

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