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DigaReceive: Converting Windows Media causes UNKNOWN_BINAR_FORMAT

 Q: We are running DigaReceive on a Windows Server 2003 system. DigaReceive is automatically importing all audio files which were extracted from emails using OutlookReader. A format conversion is configured to convert all audios to our standard format.

Everything runs well but if we receive WMA files we are receiving errors in DigaReceive: Analyzing Error : UNKNOWN_BINAR_FORMAT
Can we solve this problem?

A: There is a setup for a Windows Media Audio Redistributable Kit which must be installed to use WMA with DigaReceive in older Operating Systems. Under Windows Server 2003 this setup cannot be executed. Therefore the following steps are required:

1. Install Windows Media Player 10 by Windows Update
2. Start Windows Media Player and accept all settings
3. Copy the file WMAUDSDK.dll to the folder Windows\System32 or to your application folder
4. Restart Automat.exe (DigaReceive)

Now decoding of WMA should be possible.

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