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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: Error 20302 by ordering a metadata only entry

Q: I tried to install a auto replication table for metadata only. I want the users to order the associated media file manually in Database Manager. Now a user receives the error 20302 when he tries to order the media file. How can I fix this problem?

A: This problem is caused by a missing ReplClient.tlb file. It must be installed at all client PCs which want to use the ordering function. Additional these client PCs need an installed DigaReplicator Client to execute the ordering process from Database Manager.

WARNING: No Medium Table Support for ... Database Version 1

Question: I am getting the message:

"WARNING: No medium table support for DSN "XXX" (database version = 1)! **"

when starting my Replicator. What does this mean?

Answer: This is simply an informational message.
It will always be displayed upon starting DigaReplicator if you work with version 1 databases.

In a mixed environment with databases of version 1 and 3 there is the possibility to exclude the V1-Databases\Tables from the replication with the parameter;


If you only work with the original V1-database structure this is not necessary and the message can be ignored.


Um die Fehlermeldung ""WARNING: No medium table support for DSN "XXX" (database version = 1)!". " zu unterdrücken, können Sie in den nicht benötigten Tabellen den Parameter "Replicator=FALSE" setzen.

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