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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: How to delete a replication

Q: How can I remove a pending replication from the task list of DigaReplicator?

A: This is done in the status window of DigaReplicator. You need to do it in DigaReplicator. The status window of the ReplClient does not support this feature.

Removing replications can only be done during a downtime of DigaReplicator. Therefore the application must be shut down first by pressing the button "Shutdown".

Afterwards you need to open the status window. From there you need to select the item you want to remove. Click on it and wait a second. Now the delete button on the right side becomes accessible. Just click on it.

Afterwards you can start DigaReplicator again by pressing the button "Startup".

This is also valid for DigaReplV.exe

If you are running DigaReplicator as a service you normally would use the DigaReplConfig.exe to configure DigaReplicator. This tool also offers a status window but it is not designed to stop the service. If you need to remove a replication then you need to perform these operations:

- open services.msc

- Stop the service called "AppToService DigaRepl"

- Launch the DigaRepl.exe from its program folder

- Press the button "Shutdown"

- Open the status window

- Select the element you want to delete

- Press the delete button

- Close the application DigaRepl

- Start the service

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