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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: How to migrate ReplClient to use different path for bitmaps

When you are migrating your existing DigaSystem servers this will sometimes also affect the replicator client.

Normally the ReplClient stores its receiver list globally on the server and the bitmaps are also located on a server share.

The migration must be done in several steps. Here is an example:

1. Copy the bitmaps to a new share, e.g. \\server2\digasystem$\Bitmaps

2. Copy the receiver list to a new share, e.g. \\server2\digasystem$\ReplClient

3. Switch off all ReplClient instances

4. Change the folder for Bitmaps in ReplClient > Settings > Paths to \\server2\digasystem$\Bitmaps

5. Modify the settings of ReplClient manually or by providing a new registry patch. Point the base name of the receiver list to \\server2\digasystem$\ReplClient\RcvList.RCV

6. Check the name of the configured DigaReplicator(s) inside ReplClient > Settings > DigaReplicator Servers, e.g. MyReplicator

7. Open the following file with a text editor: \\server2\digasystem$\ReplClient\RcvList-MyReplicator.RCV

8. Replace all old paths of the configured targets with the new path \\server2\digasystem$\Bitmaps

9. Save the file

10. Repeat steps 6 to 9 for all remaining replicators.

Afterwards when starting the ReplClient the new receiver list will be loaded and the bitmaps from the new folder will be shown.

Please note that you will need to run ReplClient with administrator rights on Windows 7 to change and save settings!

When running a 64 Bit OS the Registry Patch must be applied for HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ DAVID \ ReplClient \ Paths by changing the parameters BitmapPath and ReceiverFile.

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