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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: Moving Replicator to another server

We suggest the following procedure if you need to move your Digas Replicator to a new server:

Backup your Configuration:

- Backup WinReg sections:

- File Backup:
actually copy all the replicator files:

1.) Transfer\Install all replicator data to the new computer.
2.) Pull the old replicator from the network.
3.) The IP address of the new machine must be identical with the previous replicator machine IP.
4.) Start new server operation.

At this point, all the important settings (i.e. the complete configuration) and replication should be resumed.


Um den Replikator auf einem neuen Server zu uebernehmen empfehlen wir diese vorgehensweise:

Sichern der Einstellungen:

- Sicherung aus der WinReg:

- Sicherung von Files:
eigentlich die kompletten Replicator-Files uebernehmen:

1.) Dateien auf neuen Rechner uebertragen/installieren
2.) alten Repl vom Netz nehmen
3.) IP-Adresse des neuen Rechners muss gleich der vorherigen IP-Adresse sein
4.) neuen Rechner in Betrieb nehmen

Damit sollten alle wichtigen Informationen (bzw. das komplette setting) uebernommen worden sein.

Before moving a replicator to a new server please also check that the TCP/IP settings are set in a correct way.

At least the following registry keys should be copied to the new server:



This is mostly required for video replicators.

When migrating a DigaReplicator to a new server you need to pay attention to the auto-replication. As James already wrote you need to backup the Windows Registry of the current user (HKCU\Software\DAVID\DigaReplicator).

There you will find timestamps for the tables which are handled for auto-replication.

Therefore you must first switch off the old DigaReplicator. Then you need to export the Windows Registry and import it to the new server. It is maybe useful to edit the Windows Registry manually to set the timestamps to higher values to avoid re-replication.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DAVID\DigaReplicator\<ID>\AutoReplication\<DSN Name>|<Table Name>\LastTime

Current versions of DigaReplicator store their ReplIdCounter in global settings. As the new server is working with the same global parameters it will overtake this value from there. On the other hand all files from the working directory should be migrated, too.

The *.RCT file contains the same ID as the global parameter file.
Older versions of DigaReplicator worked with *.FNB files which were used to generate unique filenames. This is obsolete but the files can remain inside the working folder.

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