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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: Remote maintenance through ReplClient

It is possible to use the DigaReplicator Client to perform a remote maintenance of the DigaReplicator.

This feature must be enabled at DigaReplicator under Settings \ Configuration \ Remote Maintenance

You need to check "Allow remote maintenance" and set a password. It is important that you choose a port which is different than the other communication ports, e.g. 13797. If you are running DigaReplicator with 2 network interfaces you need to specify the IP address which is used for the LAN connections.

In ReplClient you need to create a new connection to the same replicator but using the maintenance IP port.



REPL1 - Maintenance (

Now you can catch the configuration file and the routing table from DigaReplicator by choosing "Remote maintenance" from the menu. You need to select a local folder where to put these files but please take care that the right DigaReplicator Server is choosen from the dropdown list of the main view of DigaReplicator Client.

You can also update the routing table or the server application from the client. DigaReplicator will handle updates automatically by e.g. a restart.

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