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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: Scheduled transfer with DigaReplicator

DigaReplicator can handle automated or manual replication.

Normally a manual replication is executed right after the user has performed the drag&drop action from DBM to ReplClient. In some workflows it is useful to setup a timeslot for replications. This can be done per table.

Global Settings \ Digas \ Database \ … \ … : ReplicationTimeSlot = 18:00-06:00

By enabling this parameter DigaReplicator continue receiving jobs from ReplClient but it puts those replications to a queue.

Now DigaReplicator checks this queue and the configured timeslot. It will start the pending replications when the allowed slow is reached. In the example above the timeslot starts at 6 p.m. and it will end at 6 a.m. Outside the timeslot no outgoing replication is executed.

To speed up the queue handling it is recommend setting the value for retrying failed replications to e.g. 60 seconds. The default value is 600 seconds which could be too high. You will find this in DigaReplicator settings below Cleanup and Monitoring – Time intervals : Retry failed replications

The timeslot for replication also works for automatic replication. If you create a rule to transfer material automatically to a default destination or working with the distribution list of the database entries all new elements will be put to the queue instead of transferring them immediately.

Sometimes users want to define own rules. For example someone is doing a video ingest during the day and he wants to transfer this video during the night. This can be handled by e.g. a UserMask like the mask Videofiletransfer. Here you can enter the time point for replicating this element. DigaReplicator handles a defined database field called DIGAREPLICATOR/STARTOFTRANSMISSION. The syntax for the start is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss. Example: 2011-02-25T18:08:00

After saving this metadata to a new element inside a table with enable automatic replication the value is read and used by DigaReplicator to define the start time.

This database field works only if the parameter ReplicationTimeSlot is set.

Scheduled transfer also works via ReplOrder. The database field can be part inside the XML of ReplOrder:




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