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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: Setting a default destination table for manual replication

 Q: We are using different methods of replication with our DigaReplicator. There are tables which are automatically replicated. Some tables are replicated without audio. Audio can be ordered by request. Some tables are not replicated but it should be possible to transfer items using ReplClient. Those manaully transferred items should be stored in a central "input table". My problem is that the setting of the default table seems to be ignored. What can we do?

A: Normally DigaReplicator checks if there is a destination table with the same table name as the source table. If you have the same table at both locations this table would be used for storing. In your case you don't want this behaviour. Therefore you have to forbid DigaReplicator writing into this table.

There is a parameter which defines the behaviour of each table. We recommend to set it for every table in your installation to be sure that DigaReplicator knows what to do.

Global (or Local) Settings \ Digas \ Database \ <Database Name> \ Table Name:

Replicator = TRUE : Replication is allowed, auto replication is possible

Replicator = FALSE : No replication is allowed, manual transfer is forbidden for this table

Replicator = READONLY : For DigaReplicator it is forbidden to write inside this table but for ReplClient it is possible to use the table as source.

To enable your production table for manual transfer you need to set Replicator = READONLY. You need to do this configuration at all locations because all locations are able to transfer items manually.

Be sure that inside DigaReplicator you configured a default table:

Configuration \ Database : Replicator table = Inbox (for example)

Please uncheck this flag:

Configuration \ Replication \ Options for Sending: Ignore name of source table

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