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DigaReplicator / ReplicatorClient: UDT support in DigaReplicator

DigaReplicator was originally designed to work over a fixed IP port via WAN connections. For video workflows another protocol was added to DigaReplicator: UDT. UDT is only available in the premium version of DigaReplicator (former DigaReplicator AV).

To use UDT first of all the firewalls must be configured to support the communication via this protocol.

It is strongly recommended that all desintations inside a DigaReplicator network use the same version of DigaReplicator. We recommend using at least the version

To accept incoming UDT connections DigaReplicator must be configured to open UDT sockets. This can be done inside the settings dialog at Sockets - Replicator Socket: Open UDT socket = YES.

To send elements via UDT the routing table must be updated. This can also be done from the settings menu: Routing - Edit. Just double click each receiver and select the checkbox for "Prefer UDT connection".

This could also be done via Notepad by opening RouteTbl.txt while DigaReplicator is not running. You need to change the value for [PREFERUDT] to 1 for all lines.

Now DigaReplicator tries to replicate via UDT. If there is no way to establish a connection DigaReplicator has a fallback scenario to switch back to TCP/IP protocol.

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