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DigaTransfer: Changed location for configuration files in DigaTransfer

When upgrading to DigaTransfer 4 there is also a major change for the location of configuration files.
In old versions of DigaTransfer the configuration files were located inside the application folder, e.g. C:\DigaSystem
In order supporting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 the location was changed. This will also affect installations based on older Windows versions.

Old versions (installed at e.g. C:\DigaSystem):

      DigaTransferAnalyzer Configuration: C:\DigaSystem\\DigaTransferAnalyzer.xml

          DigaTransferBroker Configuration: C:\DigaSystem\DigaTransferBroker.xml

              DigaTransferClient Configuration: C:\DigaSystem\btc_config.xml

                  DigaTransferClient Targets: C:\DigaSystem\btc_targets.xml

                    DigaTransferWorker Configuration: C:\DigaSystem\DigaTransferWorker.xml

                    Windows XP / 2003:

                        DigaTransferAnalyzer Configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DigaSystem\DigaTransferAnalyzer


                                DigaTransferBroker Configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DigaSystem\DigaTransferBroker\DigaTransferBroker.xm

                                    DigaTransferClient Configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DigaSystem\DigaTransferClient\btc_config.xml

                                        DigaTransferClient Targets: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DigaSystem\DigaTransferClient\btc_targets.xml

                                          DigaTransferWorker Configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DigaSystem\DigaTransferWorker\DigaTransferWorker.xml

                                          Windows 7 / 2008:

                                              DigaTransferAnalyzer Configuration: C:\ProgramData\DigaSystem\DigaTransferAnalyzer\DigaTransferAnalyzer.xml

                                                  DigaTransferBroker Configuration: C:\ProgramData\DigaSystem\DigaTransferBroker\DigaTransferBroker.xml

                                                      DigaTransferClient Configuration: C:\ProgramData\DigaSystem\DigaTransferClient\btc_config.xml

                                                          DigaTransferClient Targets: C:\ProgramData\DigaSystem\DigaTransferClient\btc_targets.xml

                                                              DigaTransferWorker Configuration: C:\ProgramData\DigaSystem\DigaTransferWorker\DigaTransferWorker.xml

                                                              After updating the files and initial start these xml files are copied once to the new location. From this point they are always read and written to the new location.
                                                              It is strongly recommend that you verify afterwards that all files are copied. Then we would advise to remove the old files. They won't be used again and it would be helpful when searching for these files.

                                                              DigaTransferClient can be configured to use different files. So if you want to keep them inside the DigaSystem folder or even rename them and you are sure that your users have sufficient rights inside this folder you can modify the link to DigaTransferClient for DBM's icon bar.
                                                              Local Settings \ Programs : DigaTransferClient = %DigasDir%\DigaTransferClient.exe -config:C:\DigaSystem\DigaTransferClient_config.xml -targets:C:\DigaSystem\DigaTransferClient_targets.xml
                                                              Please note that starting DigaTransferClient.exe without these options will not load these files but the defaults as written above.

                                                              Logging should be configured here:

                                                              Local Settings \ Protocol :
                                                              DigaTransferAnalyzer = %LogDir%\DigaTransferAnalyzer_
                                                              DigaTransferBroker = %LogDir%\DigaTransferBroker_
                                                              DigaTransferClient = %LogDir%\DigaTransferClient_
                                                              DigaTransferWorker = %LogDir%\DigaTransferWorker_

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