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DigaTransfer: Crash of VCL while handling large video files

 Q: We are using DigaTransfer to copy video files from a DigaSystem table to our Profile video servers. When we handle a very large file we receive error messages that VCL is crashed. DigaTransfer Worker is converting the video files to MXF D10 before uploading them to the video servers.
The cache folder is large enough to handle these files.

Error message in DigaTransferBroker log file:
error '-803' [Video conversion lib crashed or conversion reached timeout], removed all jobs from '<name of video>'

A: It seems that the configured timeout of DigaTransfer Broker is too small. The conversion of large video files needs more time. Therefore the timeout must be enlarged.
In this case the timeout was configured to 3.600 seconds. We recommend to increase it to e.g. 10.000 seconds.

1. Open the DigaTransfer Broker configuration dialog
2. Go to tab "Broker"
3. Search for field "Broker task timeout"
4. Set value to 10000
5. Save configuration
6. Restart Broker
7. Test it

This change will be stored in DigaTransferBroker.xml like this:

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