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DigaTransfer: No metadata transfer by drag&drop to DigaTransfer client

Customers reported that a drag&drop from DBM 3.2 to DigaTransfer Client 2 does not transfer metadata. Instead of generating files by rule <TITLE>.mxf the history of DigaTransfer listed [TITLE] as string for the title field.
The Microsoft XML parsers and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 were already installed.

We found out that this only happen to clients which are used inside a DigaSystem environment which was created several years ago.
The problem could be solved by adding new parameter to the global parameter file:

Global Settings \ DragAndDrop :
DropDefault = File
OLEFormat = DigasSectionString

In some special setups the value for DropDefault must be changed from File to All. After restarting DBM 3.2 drag&drop to DigaTransfer Client works as expected.
Please note: Changing these parameters will affect other drag&drop actions! If you are running different workflows for the same global parameter file please check carefully that all workflows can be used without a problem. 

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