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DigaTransfer: Recommendation for DigaTransfer when handling many tasks

In some workflows DigaTransfer must handle many tasks at the same time. A typical example is DigaGrabber EAC which can export lots of CD tracks at the same time.
In such situation DigaTransfer Broker would usually start to write into the database. This can cause many database actions at the same time even if the media transfer will done later by DigaTransfer Worker.
DigaTransfer Worker is already able to limit the number of its simultaneous tasks but this has no influence to DigaTransfer Broker.
Therefore there is a recommendation to add some settings to DigaTransfer Broker to reduce simultaneous actions.
This change must be done directly inside the DigaTransferBroker.xml file while DigaTransfer Broker is shut down.


This code must be entered below the tag <RestartTasks>1</RestartTasks>
This must be saved. Then you can start DigaTransfer Broker again.
Additional it is recommended to remove the settings of DigaTransfer Worker by using the same method. Open the DigaTransferWorker.xml and cut out the following tags:


Please refer here where you can find the configuration files:

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