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DigaTransIP / DigaMailboxIP: Managing multiple connections to depots inside DigaTrans IP

Q: Is it possible to handle more than one DigaMailbox IP Depot by DigaTrans IP?
A: Yes this is possible. For such workflow you would define the additional depots inside the Mailbox Depot Admin of your default DigaMailbox.

A typical workflow is addressing an own mailbox of the radio or TV station and a global mailbox of the central star point. In such workflows you are allowed sending files to both but configuring the depot servers is limited to the one which belongs directly to your radio or TV station.
Therefore the depot of your station should be set as default.

Now you can start your Mailbox Depot Admin and connect to your own depot. Login and select the "Links" button on the left side.
From this point you can enter other mailboxes. If you store these settings by pressing the "New / Update" button they will become available in DigaTrans IP client.
When you now start DigaTrans IP you will get a dropdown list with all configured depots.

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