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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Deleting attached LoRes files of all entries

Database entries can have more than one media file. For example audio or video elements can have a high resolution and a low resolution version of the same audio. The LoRes version can be used for faster browsing.

These LoRes files can be generated by WebAlign or DigAlign V and the links are mostly stored in [FILENAME2] section.

Sometimes it could become necessary to delete all of these LoRes files and the links because of a maintenance or changed workflow.

For this situation a special DLL is available for DigAlign: DAISwrLoresRemoval.dll Please contact our Sales Department about availability.

This DLL is handling two tasks after scanning a table:

1. It deletes all audio or video files which are described at [FILENAME2]

2. It sets a flag in a custom field for all handled elements


1. You need to create a new table alignment task.

2. Set table A to Interface = DigaSQL.dll and select a table

3. Check flag: Modify metadata (a SectionString conversion must be configured)

4. Press "Options" button

5. Specify the database field which is needed by DigAlign, e.g. DigAlign/TA_SWR. Processed elements will get the value 1.

6. Set alignment mode to "Master A -> Slave B"

7. Go to Options tab and remove all options. Afterwards check "Conversion of SectionString with DLL".

The first blank field must contain the path and filename of the DLL, e.g. C:\DigaSystem\DAISwrLoresRemoval.DLL

The second blank field must contain the custom field which will be filled after successfully deleting the file and removing the link, e.g. SWR/CLEANED

Hint: DigAlign will set the value to 1.

All other settings should be switched off!

You can perform a test run to see which elements would be handled.

Please be carefully! Running this task will delete media files!

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