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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Filters for DigAlign

Q: DigAlign is a cool utility to copy files from A to B but can I set some filters to specify content which should be copied?

A: There are so called DAI DLLs which can be purchased from DAVID. Such DLL can be used inside DigAlign to allow filtering the content.

Here are some examples for DAIFieldCompare.dll:

DAIFieldCompare.dll allows you to copy only elements which have a special string inside a section. You will specify a value which has to be fulfilled by the elements inside the table scanned by DigAlign.

The precondition has to be put into the field "Test" in the "Replication Criteria" tab of DigAlign. The field "in DLL" will specify path pluss name of the DLL.

If you want to check the title for a specifiy string you can use this way:
Test: TITLE=For Replication
Result: Elements which contain exactly the title "For Replication" will be handled by DigAlign.

If you want to work with a special replication target you can use this way:
Test: DISTRIBUTION=*Oldenburg*
Result: Elements which contain the string "Oldenburg" in the distribution list will be handled by DigAlign.

If you want to work with one out of a view targets you can use this way:
Test: DISTRIBUTION^*=.*(Oldenburg|L├╝beck).*

If you want to handle all elements which are not containing Oldenburg you can go this way:
Test: DISTRIBUTION!^*=.*Oldenburg.*

See also Wikipedia for additional help:

Please contact your sales person if you want to buy such DLL.

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