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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Handling of empty DeleteDate field in DigErase

Since 2008 DigErase is handling the checkup of the delete date different than before. In older versions it was possible that elements could have been delete while they had no entered delete date but a check box for checking the delete date.

As this can cause trouble the behavior of DigErase was changed. If you check the option if the delete date was reached only elements will be treated which have entered a value inside this database field.

If you want to setup another rule for DigErase where all elements should be handled which do not have filled out this field a DLL can be used. Additional DigErase could use a WHERE clause.

The difference between using a WHERE clause and a DLL is that the WHERE clause creates a filter for all of the selected criteria #1 to #5. The DLL can be included in one or multiple criteria individually.

So if you want to have one criteria which should handle all elements which reached their delete date and one criteria for all others you would use the DLL. If you want to filter for all criteria you would use the WHERE clause.

The WHERE clause would look like this: DELETEDATE = 0
You just need to enter this string to the input field at top of the delete settings.

If you want to use a DLL you would need to obtain DAIFieldNotEmpty.dll and place it into your application folder. Press the button for the desired criteria and then check the option called "Test". The first field will be filled with the section string: DELETEDATE. The second field will have the path and filename of the DLL: C:\DigaSystem\DAIFieldIsEmpty.dll

The configuration button is not working for this DLL because it has no integrated settings dialog.

We strongly recommend switching to test mode for doing the first tests after activation of the new settings. As usual you should be very careful when configuring such delete tasks to avoid loss of data.

By the way:

DBM is able to enter a delete date automatically for every new created entry. You can configure how far it should be located in future.


Global Settings \ Digas \ Database \ … \ … \ Default \ DeleteDate = 5 (Integer)

Additional you can configure DeleteDate to be a must field. This can be set individually per table or globally. This allows you to configure some tables with a predefined delete date which does not require any user action. Inside the other tables users must select the delete date before they can save their new elements.

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