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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: How to reset DigAlign's cache for doing a database alignment

Q: We just made a test setup of DigAlign and FilesDI.dll to get an alignment between a DigaSystem database table and our music rotation software. Everything runs fine. The alignment process was started successfully. But now we want to restart the alignment because we want to use it for real. How do we reset the setup?

A: DigAlign uses a cache folder to store the information of the finished alignments. This cache folder is configured in the main window of the table alignment settings, described with \"Working directory\".

The output folder of FilesDI.dll is stored within the tab 'Tables' in the field 'table name' of the 2nd table. The path can be found in the init parameter of table B.

To restart the alignment from the beginning you have to do the following steps:

1. Deactivating DigAlign
2. Shutdown of DigAlign
3. Deleting the corresponding cache file from the working directory: filename: DigaSQL_<<TABLENAME>>-FilesDI_Alignment.RNM
4. Deleting the content of the folder of table B, especially the files NUMBER.CNT, index.txt and MUSICID.idx.txt
5. Deleting the contenct of the \Command subfolder of table B, especially the counter file command.cnt

Now you can restart DigAlign. Starting an alignment would now start from the very beginning with a full export.
Please be sure that you also removed all entries from your music rotation software before starting DigAlign!

Hint: The RNM file can also be deleted using the menu 'Special' in DigAlign's table alignment settings.

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