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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Initialization problem of MCL in DigAlign

DigAlign supports the MediaComponentLibrary (MCL) for video transcoding.

To activate this feature you need to open the general settings dialog and set the checkbox for "Support video conversion with MCL".

Afterwards you need to specify the path to the file MclKernel.dll. This is usually inside a sub folder of the Mcl folder, e.g. C:\DigaSystem\MCL\Mcl

Possible MCL error codes after startup of DigAlign:

Error 0x8000FFF: MclControllerUnmanaged.dll not found. Note: This file must be copied from the MCL package to the root directory of DigAlign, e.g. C:\DigaSystem
Error 0x80047014: MclKernel.dll not found in specified directory

When everything is correct DigAlign will bring a status message after initialization:

MCL: MCL successfully initialized!

From now you are able to specify using MCL instead of VCL when doing a video conversion.

Settings -> Table Alignment -> Select your table alignment from the list -> Edit... -> Audio / Video Format -> Format conversion when copying video files A->B -> Video format in table B... -> MCL

You should then see the templates of MCL, usually stored at C:\DigaSystem\MCL\Mcl\Templates\

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