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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: no longer available

Since Release 2011.1 you won't find any versions of WebAlign.exe or DigAlignV.exe on our FTP server.

 There was a consolidation of all DigAlign sub programs (WebAlign.exe, DigAlignV.exe) and finally all features of the sub programs are now available from one executable.

 For existing setups this mean that you need to change the shortcuts from WebAlign.exe or DigAlignV.exe to DigAlign.exe

 If you use DigaLoad or other tools for automatic updates you need to change the name of the executable:

 Old: DigAlignV.exe = %DigaSystemDir%\DigAlignV.exe

 New: DigAlign.exe = %DigaSystemDir%\DigAlign.exe

 This was introduced with build of DigAlign.exe

 There is no change in storing the configuration because even DigAlignV and WebAlign used the DigAlign section in Windows Registry.

 This also means that now Digalign is able to convert audio to mp3 or WMA and to convert video to video formats of VCL or MCL.

 DigErase is not affected.

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