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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Removing invalid value of FadeOut field with DigAlign

Some 3rd party systems are handling metadata or time values different than DigaSystem. This could result in display problems but it could also affect playout.


A radio station reported issues after a 3rd party system imported a music element into a DigaSystem table. Playing this element with e.g. TurboPlayer results in a fadeout over the whole period of its duration.

The issue comes from the value stored for the field [FADEOUT]

In DigaSystem this value counts from back to front. No fadeout equals a value of 0:00:00. The 3rd party system stores the timecode of the position where the fadeout begins. The result is a large fade.

To solve such problem DigAlign can be used. The DAIRemapper.dll can be forced to overwrite the value of a field when copying the material to another table.

You need to have this DLL and a config file which would look like here:



<?xml   version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  < digalign>
           <to   format="{}0:00:00.000">FADEOUT</to>
  < /digalign>

This will work in direction from table A to table B and it will reset the fadeout to 0 which means there will be no fadeout and the element will be played up to the end without fading.

In DigAlign you would configure a table alignment task between two tables. Below Options you need to activate the checkbox of Conversion of SectionString with DLL and enter the path and name of DAIRemapper.dll

Inside the field Configuration you will store the path and filename of your DAIRemapper.config file

Now all handled elements will be reset for field [FADEOUT]

Sometimes it is useful to apply these changes to a table which is filled by DigaReplicator. In such case DigAlign must monitor this table and modify metadata directly inside this table without making a copy.

If it is clear that the wrong metadata which must be removed is coming from a specific source replicator you can filter DigAlign to just handle those elements.

To do so you will need another DLL and a modified configuration of DigAlign.

1. Create a table alignment

For Table A you need to select DigaSQL.dll and press the SCAN button.
Select your table.
Check the option below table A: Modify metadata (a SectionString conversion must be configured)

Inside the options menu you can set a special metadata field which will be used as an identifier if an element was already handled. The default value will be DigAlign/TA_<Tablename>

2. Alignment mode

Set the alignment mode to Master A -> Slave B

3. Replication Criteria

Don't select to replicate all entries.
Check the option "Test" and fill out the two fields:


The source can be read from DBM. This will be filled out by your target DigaReplicator when receiving material.

4. Update mode

Full update

5. Comparison Criteria

Not required

6. Options

Copy DigaReplicator data = YES
Automatically create non-existing ressorts in destination table (for DigaSQL.dll only) = YES
Keep media filenames = YES
Conversion of SectionString with DLL = YES


The config file could look like this:


<?xml   version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  < digalign>
           <to   format="{}0:00:00.000">FADEOUT</to>
           <to   format="{}0:00:00.000">LINKOUT</to>
  < /digalign>

With this example the values for FadeOut and LinkOut will be reset whenever material appears from DigaReplicator named BABG.

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