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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Softdeleting elements in DigErase

DigErase is a free tool which is designed to clean up database tables based on rules.

Database cleanup always means that affected elements will be immediately deleted from hard disk and database.

In some workflows it could be useful to reduce this feature. For such cases DigErase.exe build comes with a new feature. It now supports soft deleting instead of hard deleting elements.

This feature must be enabled inside the global settings for database cleanup. When activating the checkbox for "Soft-delete entries" you will affect the handling of all selected tables. From this point they won't be deleted anymore for real but become soft deleted.

The idea behind is having two instances of DigErase. A first instance will perform the soft deleting. A second instance will perform the hard deleting. The second instance will be configured to handle only soft deleted elements.

For this purpose a new option was created inside the delete criterion: Entry unchanged since x days.

The idea is that the first instance of DigErase will not only set the soft delete flag but also update the timestamp of the database entry while performing the update.

Now the second instance can compare that the field [SOFTDELETED] is set to 1 and the entry is unchanged since x days.

This will help workflows because now users have the possibility to access material which is already 'deleted' but did not reach a specified 'age' being untouched.

Version will be available as a patch following Release 2011.1

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