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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Unable to start DigAlign after a crash or reboot

Q: Our computer was restarted before closing the DigAlign application. When we now try to launch DigAlign we get an error message that DigAlign is already running with the selected profile on this computer.

German: DigAlign läuft bereits mit dem gewählten Einstellungsprofil auf diesem Computer!

A: This is a security feature of DigAlign to avoid a second launch of an active profile.

DigAlign must be shut down in a proper way. The flag which prohibits the start will only be reset by closing the application in a normal way.

All profiles of DigAlign get a flag inside Windows Registry:


Example: The default profile will have an entry called Running-<Hostname>-0.

Any other profile can be found in the corresponding flag Running-<Hostname>-<Profilename>.

A value of 1 means that a profile is loaded and blocked. 0 means that it is available.

If you need to reset such flag just set it back to 0.

Please be careful with this! You should be sure that the mentioned DigAlign / DigAlignV / WebAlign / DigErase profile is not loaded. Please check task manager for running instances of all users to be sure that nobody opened another Login on this computer.

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