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DigErase-DigAlign-WebAlign: Using DigAlign + FilesDI.dll for table alignment

Q: I'm interested in getting an alignment of a database table to a folder using FilesDI.dll. What's behind this feature?

A: FilesDI.dll is an extension for DigAlign to have the possibility to make a database alignment between a DigaSystem table and a folder on your harddisk. This feature is used for interfacing to 3rd party products like music rotation software.

You need to place the configuration file 'FilesDI.ini' into the root directory of your table B. This must be done before you can configure DigAlign. For example: Init-Parameter = C:\Digas\Alignment

You will need two subfolders for FilesDI.dll:

C:\Digas\Alignment\FilesDI (just an example)


The folder \FilesDI will contain the same content like your database without audio files. There will be two files per entry:



"xxxxxxxx" means that an internal counter is used to generate the filenames.

"MUSICID" means that each entry will get its unique MusicID as its filename.

The subfolder \Command will contain the changes. For example: If you add a new entry you will get a new command file in this folder.

The files in this folder contain the same content like DBE files but they have additional metadata at the beginning:


These instructions can be used for the 3rd party product to inform about the changes inside the database.

DigaSystem does not know when the 3rd party product will finish the import process. Therefore deleting the command files has to be done by the 3rd party product.

Please note: The reference for the alignment is normally set to the MusicID which must be unique and valid for using it as a filename. There must not be any special character like "/" inside MusicID.

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