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Drag&Drop does not work

Drag&Drop directly to the window of an Editor application doesn´t work.

While dragging an Item into a window of an Editor application the cursor shows a drag&drop symbol. But when releasing the left mousebutton the item is not delivered to the application. When using the audioeditor from version 4.x a errormessage could occur:

--------------------- DigaSystem Database Manager - Error: 20366
The communication with the program "DIGASDBM" is not possible at the moment: Reason: in function CMainFrame::DDEExportEntry the following DDE error occured: "No conversation established ! Probably the receiver does not respond, or the DDE servicename is wrong." -----------------------

Solution: Please check if the following parameter does exist in your Digas Parameterfile:
Global Settings\DragAndDrop\DigasNew Parameter: Window=DigaSystem Database Manager
if it´s present delete the key as noted below: !backup your parameterfile before deleting this key!
Global Settings\DragAndDrop\DigasNew

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